Testifying expert witnesses in the design and reverse engineering of electronics and software source code in industries ranging from medical devices and automotive to consumer electronics.

Expert Witness Services

Netrino's engineers are recognized experts in their respective fields of electrical engineering, firmware design, and software development with impressive credentials. When they aren't providing litigation support to lawyers, their skills are applied to the work of embedded software development and real-time system design. Collectively, Netrino engineers are the authors of more than half a dozen books and over 100 technical articles.

Litigation Support Consultants

Netrino engineers are independent-minded experts capable of researching tough subjects and adept at explaining complex technical topics in language familiar to judges and juries. Thus it is not surprising that our consultants have been called on to resolve technical legal disputes as expert witnesses.

Netrino's engineers have been called upon in a variety of legal disputes, ranging from patent and copyright infringement to medical device and automotive software safety to digital piracy. Through reverse engineering, experts from Netrino can testify about the design of specific embedded systems, the reason(s) for malfunction of safety-critical products or medical devices, as well the types of process and architecture best practices that could have been used to avoid injury or harm.

Testifying Expert Witnesses

Several members of Netrino's staff have been admitted to U.S. District Courts as testifying experts in the fields of electrical engineering, the design of embedded systems, and satellite TV piracy.

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